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    FIFA 17 MOTM Cards Guide: Things You’d Better Know

    FIFA 17 MOTM Cards Guide: Things You’d Better Know

    About the Man of the Match
    It is also known as the MOTM, you can use it for outstanding performance in real life cup fixtures as it is assigned as an IN FORM CARDS.
    About the Difference Between MOTM and iMOTM
    The iMOTM can only used by the players who are playing by their national teams under the situation of the important international football competition, which is different from that of the MOTM cards.
    About the orange cards, who have the rights to choose players?
    Without doubt, the Electronic Arts does, and you can find out the best places to buy fifa coins to get more choices for FIFA game.
    About the time to release the FIFA 17 MOTM orange cards
    It is usually at 12am or midnight (UK time) that releases the FUT 17 Man of the Match cards.
    [caption id="attachment_974" align="aligncenter" width="552"] fifa 17 coins online review[/caption]
    About the rating of the MOTM player, will it change?
    In addition to the special case that it will change to be higher under the force of Winter Upgrades, it will not change after it is implemented into FUT 17.
    About the player’s MOTM performance reflected by the upgrade of certain stats
    The player will upgraded significantly in all possibility if he made a lot of assists in a single match.
    About the release of the MOTM in one day, can it be multiple cards?
    Of course, you can get more than one MOTM cards in a single day, and you can also visit the top fifa coins sites to get more cheapest FIFA coins online.
    About the available time of the FIFA 17 MOTM orange cards in FIFA packs
    You may see it available in special situation for a longer time, but pay attention, 24 hours usually!
    About the way to get the Man of the Match card
    The same as that of other cards you get, you can get these cards on the transfer market or on packs. Go ahead to the store or use the FIFA Points or coins to buy them if you want to have a try on packs with luck.
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    FIFA 17 Closed Beta Invitation

    EA Sports have sent out invites to some FIFA 16 players to register for FIFA 17 Closed Beta.
    FIFA 17 Closed Beta testing begins on Thursday, 18 August and closes on Sunday, 28 August 2016. Reportedly, some FIFA fans have received invitations for the following modes. FIFA 17 Closed Beta is only available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms.
    What Happens After Registration?
    After FIFA 17 Closed Beta registration, you will receive an confirmation email. If you get the approval, you will be asked to download the FIFA 17 beta content once it is released (Aug 18). After beta testing, you are supposed to drop your feedback and comments on EA Sports FIFA Forums.
    Who Are Receiving FIFA 17 Closed Beta Invites?
    Only EA knows who is receiving FIFA 17 beta invitations. It is not clear whether the list is randomly chosen or it is selective. Apparently, EA choose the most active FIFA fans in specific game modes to send the invitations to. Therefore, it could be based on the time they spent on playing the game and their in-game activities. For example, some people who were invited to FIFA 17 Online Seasons Beta, were saying that they were playing the game quite a lot and they were staying in DIV 1 for a long time winning the division title almost every time.
    I haven’t Received FIFA 17 Closed Beta Invite, Am I still eligible to try it?
    You can see if you’re eligible to try FIFA 17 Closed Beta by logging onto EA Sports FIFA website using this short url:
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    FC Bayern Partner For FIFA 17

    FC Bayern Partner For FIFA 17

    Official Partners.
    They may have lost Barcelona, but EA confirmed today that they've signed FC Bayern.The announcement also includes a shot of the Allianz Arena in game and a video of their stars getting headscanned for FIFA 17.
    There's not much more to it than that, no indication of exclusivity, but there's some "game footage" in the video.
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    TOTW  – Week 46

    TOTW – Week 46

    Joel Silva- GK - 68 OVR
    I am unsure if the figure I have is actually correct with 11 saves potentially being too many but Silva did make multiple saves for his side and keeping a clean sheet in the process in Tolima's 3-0 win. Rodriguez who scored twice in that game would have potentially made it over Silva had he been in the game though.
    Stefan Medina - CB - 71 OVR
    There are a few good Mexican silvers in line for an IF this week and if you can look past the height on Medina he falls in to that category. The Colombian defender scored one of two Pachua goals as they made it two wins from two with a 2-0 win against Chiapas.
    Haukur Heiðar Hauksson - RB - 64 OVR
    The Swedish league offered a lot of options this time around however I did have to narrow it down which is why we only have a handful of them. Hauksson scored the opening goal and helped to keep a clean sheet as AIK recorded a comfortable 3-0 win against Hammarby.
    Ambroise Oyongo - LB - 67 OVR
    Obviously Drogba was the stand out player from this match but with the team overlapping with that of the MLS all star game he will be unavailable for TOTW. The same applies with Piatti of whom could also have got in from this match. Oyongo however is eligible and after claiming two assists in Montreal's 5-1 home win he could easily make the cut.
    Song Jin Hyung - CM - 69 OVR
    I have opted to ignore the Korean mid week games seeing as the MLS ones were ignored last time. That still left me with a couple of Koreans to select though the first of which is Hyung who scored twice for Jeju in their 3-2 home win against Seoul.
    Gabriel Peñalba - CDM - 72 OVR
    No doubt like most of the players in this side Penalba will be of discard value however he actually looks very usable and should be worth trying out in that CDM role. He scored both of Veracruz's goals in a 2-0 win and although one was from the spot two goals for a CDM just can't be overlooked.
    Matías Emilio Delgado - CM - 75 OVR
    With the sheer amount of silvers finding the net twice I feel as though the fact that Delgado received a winter upgrade which made him a gold will work wonders for him. The Argentine scored two of three Basel goals in their 3-0 win.
    Caio - RM - 74 OVR
    Caio scores a lot of goals so it is no surprise that he is finally in line for an IF. He scored both Grasshopper goals in their 2-0 win on Sunday to start their season off in perfect fashion. If Caio can hit anything close to his 20 goal contributions again this season I am sure that Grasshopper fans will be more than happy with him.
    Oribe Peralta - ST - 74 OVR
    For some reason Peralta was made back into a silver this year after being gold in the previous two. He continues to perform in the Mexican league though and bagged himself a hat trick during Club America's 3-1 home win over Toluca. Easy selection.
    Yang Dong Hyen - ST - 68 OVR
    Hyens name has continually popped up during these lesser known sides and once again he has performed to a high standard scoring twice for Pohang during a 3-1 win. He picked up player of the week in Korea with an 8/10 which is very high for that league.
    Bradley Wright-Phillips- ST - 66 OVR
    You could easily argue that there are better options than BWP and I would agree with you however I feel as though we will see the "gold factor" kick in and thus giving BWP the preference over the silvers, especially with this week coinciding with the MLS All-Stars. He scored twice for NYRB in a convincing 4-1 win over NYFC.
    Jörg Siebenhandl - GK - 65 OVR
    Admira started their season with three points after scraping a 1-0 win away to Mattersburg. It could have been a different story had it not have been for their keeper Siebenhandl though who made a total of eight saves in order to protect his clean sheet.
    Mads Albæk - CM - 71 OVR
    Goteborg closed the gap to just four points off leaders Malmo with a 2-1 home win against Jonkopings this weekend. Their Danish midfielder Albæk claimed the headlines after scoring both of those goals which should be enough for him to pick up an IF.
    Thomas Murg - CAM - 65 OVR
    I believe that Murg played in a central role this weekend however I could be mistaken with that one. What I am sure of though is the fact that he will be picking up an IF. He scored twice and assisted another for Rapid Wien during their 5-0 hammering of 10 men Reid.
    Matthías Vilhjálmsson - CM - 67 OVR
    Matthias played in a CM role for Rosenbog during a 6-0 home win over Haugesund and with his NIF being a striker that 30 defending is rather off putting. Regardless of that his two goals and an assist alongside the fact he picked up an 8/10 makes him a shoe in for this side.
    Konstantin Vassiljev - ST - 69 OVR
    On paper better alternatives to Vassiljev could be found however should EA actually look at performances they will not find many better than that of Vassiljev's. He scored once and assisted another two for Jagiellonia claiming a massive 9/10 match rating which as you can probably tell makes him POTW in Poland.
    Vincent Faherty - ST - 54 OVR
    I have never been a fan of the Irish league's IF's and this one is a prime example of why. Despite the fact that only Galway fans are likely to pick up his IF he does deserve his spot. The Galway striker spearheaded his side to a 4-2 home win with two goals and an assist, which could have been multiple assists could his team mates finish.
    Diego Alvarez - ST - 66 OVR
    Now that a lot of lower leagues are back underway we will be seeing hat tricks from random players most weeks again. Alvarez falls in to that category after scoring three of four Patriotas goals in a 4-1 home win.
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    Coupon Code “ITANI” 5% Discount For FIFA 17 Coins

    Coupon Code “ITANI” 5% Discount For FIFA 17 Coins

    FIFA 17 is an upcoming association football video game, scheduled to be released on 27 September 2016 in North America and 29 September 2016 for the rest of the world. This will be the first FIFA game in the series to use the Frostbite game engine.
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    Coupon Code "FUJI" "ITANI"
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    FIFA 17 Active Intelligence System

    A brand new system introduces constant spatial analysis, increases activity off the ball, and changes the way players move, read, and react in FIFA 17.
    Constant Spatial Analysis
    Now every player analyzes the proximity of their opponents and the space around them to better identify opportunities in attack. When you are on the ball your teammates understand if you can make a pass and adjust their movement to show for you or make a new run.
    New Type Runs
    Smarter players and increased activity off the ball give you new and creative ways to open up the opposition. Orchestrated runs with multiple players, fake runs, stunt runs, and calling a player to show support are just a few ways you take control in the build up.
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    FIFA 17 Origin Access Guide

    Origin Access is a subscription paid program exclusively for XBox One owners. With it, gamers can get exclusive offers for Electronic Arts video games.
    The Origin Access, released on January 2016, offers to subscribers three main advantages:
    Early Access to the full game
    Subscribers can download FIFA 17 earlier and play it up to 10 hours. It is possible to carry forward the progress and achievements.
    Free Access to Games
    Origin Access holders have free access, any time and as long they keep being subscribers of the service, to a selection of games ‘The Vault’. At this moment, it includes FIFA 14, FIFA 15 and FIFA 16.
    10% discount on EA digital purchases
    Origin Access subscribers pay 10% less to buy FUT 17 packs and also get a 10% discount in the full FIFA 17 game, as well in any other EA digital content.
    What is included ?
    Subscribers can download FIFA 17 full game before the date release. But there is more. EA Access holders also get early access to other EA Sports titles.
    What are the early access features ?
    Through early access, subscribers may play the full game before the game hits the stores, including on line play and FIFA Ultimate Team features. However, there is a 10 hours total limit of game play. It is possible to play, trade, sell, buy cards and FIFA Points, which can be a huge advantage over the other players without early access.
    Saved games and achievements/trophies subscribers earn during Early Access, while connected to EA Servers, will unlock once they purchase and log into the EA Servers with the final version of the game.
    Which ones are the early access dates ?
    Early Access for FIFA 17 will be worldwide available in September 22 at 10pm UK time.
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    FIFA 16 TOTW Predictions – Week 43

    FIFA 16 TOTW Predictions – Week 43

    Josh Saunders - GK - 66 OVR
    New York City managed a comfortable 2-0 home win over rivals NYRB's this weekend but it may not have been so simple had it not have been for Saunders who made a few crucial saves in order to keep a clean sheet. The other MLS keeper option is Hamid but seeing as he recently picked up an IF I have opted for Sounders.
    Lars Vilsvik - RB - 73 OVR
    There were multiple low scoring matches in the Norwegian league this week so you would expect a defender or two to be included however Vilsvik actually comes in the highest scoring game after scoring once in a 4-2 home win.
    Lee Jae Sung - CB - 65 OVR
    At one down in the dying embers of the game it really didn't look good for Ulsan however thanks to late goals from Sung in the 90th and Mendy in the 96th they actually came away with all three points. Either of the two players could pick up the IF however I shall be opting for the defensive option on this occasion.
    Matt Besler - CB - 74 OVR
    Unlike most of the previous weeks the MLS offered very little and thus we don't really have any clear cut options. With that being said I still expect them to pick up at least four players and one of those could easily be Besler who scored a last minute winner to help KC to a 3-2 win.
    Vegard Skjerve - CB - 65 OVR
    I believe that Skjerve actually played in a central position rather than his NIF's RB on the right side of a 3ATB formation. He scored the first of two Haugesund goals which saw them come away as 2-1 winners at home to Start.
    Tiago Alves - LM - 71 OVR
    Seongnam are flying high in the K-League currently occupying fourth position and a lot of that can be put down to the heroics of Alves. The Brazilian once again stood out for them as they recorded a 1-0 away win against Jeonnam of which he scored the only goal of the game claiming MOTM with a 7.5.
    Petter Vaagan Moen - CM - 67 OVR
    The second Strømsgodset player to make the cut for me this week is Moen who claimed the assist on two of the four goals in their previously mentioned 4-2 win. My usual Norwegian source is in the process of a site change and thus making it a lot harder for me.
    Mauro Díaz - CAM - 74 OVR
    This one is a little risky seeing as it was played very late on a Monday night however should EA take it in to account I am positive that we will be seeing an IF Diaz. The Dallas midfielder picked up MOTM after assisting two of their four goals in a comfortable 4-0 home win over Orlando.
    Graham Zusi- LW - 71 OVR
    Although I have Besler down to pick up an IF Zusi is also an option from the match after scoring once and also hitting the woodwork in their previously mentioned 3-2 win. Both could easily pick up the IF but I feel as though Besler is the stronger option.
    Kei Kamara - ST - 76 OVR
    Although it is a rare occurrence it has previously happened where a players side has lost the match but he still receives an IF for his individual performance. I feel as though that could well be the case for Kamara who scored twice for his new side, New England as they fell to a 3-2 away win against Montreal.
    Harold Preciado - ST - 73 OVR
    We have seen the preference that gold strikers have been receiving from recent weeks with Lee Dong Gook being a prime example of that. Preciado would now be a gold should he claim a spot and after he scored one of Cali's three goals in a 3-1 win I wouldn't be surprised if that were the case.
    Iven Austbø - GK - 67 OVR
    Although Molde are not exactly the force they have been in previous seasons over in Norway they are still one of the sides to beat. Viking managed exactly that with a 1-0 away win. Goalkeeper Austbo put in a shift for them making five saves in total.
    Daniel Rosero Valencia - CB - 62 OVR
    There were a lot of low scoring matches in Colombia this weekend so it was only natural that there would be a defensive option or two from them. I feel as though the best is Rosero of whom scored the only goal of the game which saw Patriotas beat Millonarios 1-0.
    Kim Min Hyeok - CM - 62 OVR
    The K-League was rather hit and miss in terms of ratings last week however I have based this selection off them entirely despite that. Hyeok scored one of two Gwangju goals in their 2-0 away win against Bluewings claiming a 7.5 for his contribution.
    Oh Chang Hyeon - LM - 63 OVR
    Pohang recorded an impressive 4-0 home win against Ulsan in one of the mid week fixtures and there were three players which picked up a goal and an assist within that. Two of those are in the current side however which only leaves Oh Chang Hyeon. I can't see EA overlooking a 4-0 win and thus he makes my side.
    Thomas Lehne Olsen - LM - 61 OVR
    I actually wanted to include Moussa from this match however seeing as he is not in the game I will have to opt for the second best option which is Olsen. He scored the opening goal in Tromso's 4-2 away win against Lillestrom.
    Kevin Oris - ST - 66 OVR
    Over the course of the week Oris was involved in two games both of which he played a part in the goals for. Firstly he picked up two assists and MOTM in the first before claiming yet another assist in the second game he played. Three assists overall and with the lack of options that could well be enough.
    David McMillan - ST - 58 OVR
    Once again we look set to be picking up a Dundalk IF after they cruised to a 5-0 away win against Derry on Friday. Their striker McMillan scored three of those five goals which leaves very little doubt that he will be the player receiving the IF.
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    Japan J1 League Joins in FIFA 17

    Guys, the league inclusion roundabout begins now!
    The first new league addition for FIFA 17 has now been confirmed, and it's the MEIJI YASUDA J1 League. All the 18 clubs from the league will be fully licensed, including kits, players and logos, and will be available across the whole game of FIFA 17, including Ultimate Team, which means just over 500 players added to the database and return to FUT for Jay Bothroyd,Cacau, and the immense haircut of Bruno Cortez.
    Here's the list of teams:
    Vegalta Sendai
    Kashima Antlers
    Urawa Reds
    Omiya Ardija
    Kashiwa Reysol
    FC Tokyo
    Kawasaki Frontale
    Yokohama F. Marinos
    Shonan Bellmare
    Ventforet Kofu
    Albirex Niigata
    Júbilo Iwata
    Nagoya Grampus
    Gamba Osaka
    Vissel Kobe
    Sanfrecce Hiroshima
    Avispa Fukuoka
    Sagan Tosu
    In addition to the 18 clubs being featured, the new stadium of Gamba Osaka, the Suita City Football Stadium, will also be added to FIFA 17.
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    FIFA 16 TOTW Predictions – Week 41

    Bill Hamid - GK - 75 OVR
    The MLS joined the action this week and thus we have a fair amount of players coming from that specific league. The first comes in goal after Hamid made four saves in total of which included a superb save in the dying embers of the game when Dc United managed to hold Houston to a 0-0 draw.
    Drew Moor - CB - 70 OVR
    Potentially the easiest selection of the week comes after Moor scored the only goal of the game which saw Toronto upset La Galaxy with a 1-0 home win. He made his way into the MLS TOTW and that pretty much cements his selection.
    London Woodberry - CB - 65 OVR
    Woodberry didn't actually make the MLS TOTW which I am sure will put off many predictors however the fact that he scored in a 2-1 win is enough for me when you take the perspective of EA justifying selections. There are still only a handful of games being played and thus a goal scoring defenders stands out in my eyes.
    Kwak Hee Ju - CB - 68 OVR
    I struggled to fins the final defender for the starting line up and thus we have the first of nine K-League players to feature after Kwak Hee Ju came off the bench to score in Bluewings 1-1 away draw with Seoul.
    Mislav Oršić - LM - 75 OVR
    If Orsic was in the game during FIFA 15 he would have picked up several IF's in this period of the game and I wouldn't be surprised if he picks up three of our this time around. He is in line for his first after grabbing both a goal and an assist for Jeonnam in their 3-1 home win against Ulsan.
    Juan Cabezas - CM - 71 OVR
    Seeing as the player which scored twice to secure the title for Medellin is not in the game we have the next best option in Cabezas who scored in the 1-1 draw and picked up an assist in the 2-0 win. If Cabezas does make the cut I would expect him to be a hero.
    Benny Feilhaber- CM - 75 OVR
    Feilhaber received a lot of stick for his inclusion in the gold TOTS MC side and although I agree that he should have been included it would have been significantly easier if this IF had occurred previous to that side being created. Ironically enough his goal came from the spot but he also claimed an assist and a spot in the MLS TOTW.
    Mike Grella - LM - 65 OVR
    Grella was a late addition to the side after playing late on Sunday during NYRB's 2-0 home win against Seattle. The American winger scored both of their goals and strolls into the prediction because of that.
    Kim Tae Hwan - RM - 67 OVR
    In the second set of Korean fixtures for the week Ulsan winger Kin Tae Hwan scored the only goal of the game which saw them collect all three points against Suwon FC. Kim claimed the MOTM award and alongside it being the only goal it should be enough for him to be included.
    Dejan Damjanović - ST - 77 OVR
    Damjanovic was always a bit of a punt in last weeks prediction however there is no doubt whatsoever about his selection this time around after he bagged a brace for Seoul in their 3-2 win against Gwangju.
    David Villa - ST - 80 OVR
    This one is slightly awkward as if EA decide to do a European classics side there is no doubt about Villa being one of those players but seeing as that is pure speculation I will be including him in this weeks team. The Spaniard scored one of three NYC goals along with claiming MOTM in a 3-2 home win.
    Kwoun Sun Tae - GK - 74 OVR
    Once again we have a Korean keeper which was always going to be likely in truth. This time it is Jeonbuk's stopper Kwoun Sun Tae who stood out making four saves in total during a 2-1 win. He claimed the joint highest match rating of the match and for a keeper that should see him in.
    Kim YongHwan - CB - 59 OVR
    The defenders are always going to be difficult to predict in these sort of weeks so I will be taking the punt on Incheon's CB Kim YongHwan who was solid during their 2-0 home win over Suwon City. He was not the official MOTM however he did receive the same match rating as the MOTM.
    Shea Salinas - LM - 69 OVR
    We briefly revisit the MLS now for SJE's 2-2 draw with Orlando. The best option comes with Salinas of whom was involved in both SJ goals assisting the first before scoring himself in the 94th minute to secure an away point.
    Yeo Reum - CM - 60 OVR
    Not only does this Korean have a fantastic name but he also has a very nice looking item when it comes to bronzes. He looks set to book his place in TOTW 41 after scoring once for Gwangju in a 1-1 draw with Seognam. He claimed MOTM with a 7/10 which should be enough for him.
    Kenan Kodro- ST - 63 OVR
    Osasuna confirmed promotion to the BBVA this week winning both of their play off final matches against Girona with 2-1 and 1-0 wins. Kodro scored in both of those games and thus for me makes him an easy choice in the TOTW. I would expect him to be a hero should be make the final cut due to it being the final but they are always hit and miss.
    Lee Jong Ho - ST - 69 OVR
    The Adriano punt from last weeks side paid of and similarly to that one we have Lee Jong Ho who also scored just the once for his side. What specifically stands out here though is that he scored the winner in the 95th minute of the game to see Jeonbuk take three points with a 2-1 win.
    Yang Dong Hyen - ST - 68 OVR
    Another punt now and yet again it comes for one goal. Hyen claimed a 7 match rating alongside MOTM and a place in the Korean TOTW for his goal in a 3-1 home win for Pohang. He could miss out but once agains I would expect strikers getting in for one goal.
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    FIFA 17 Made Deal with La Liga

    As heard, according to Gamereactor, EA Sports FIFA have secured exclusive licensing for La Liga.
    Speaking at theSantiago Bernabéu during the game's official presentation, League Ambassador Fernando Morientes said that FIFA 17 will be "the only La Liga official videogame", which means that Konami will have to pursue rights to use clubs in PES 2017 individually. Rubbing salt further in the wound for PES. And he said further, "we have the world's best league and EA are the best with football games."
    So, I believe that means more stadiums from the league, adding to the existing Nou Camp, Vicente Calderón, Mestella and Bernabéu although there's no comment from EA as yet on whether they will all be added to the game in the same way we saw with the BPL deal. There's also the possibilty of more face scans, league licensed refs and chants recorded from real matches. I think that is a good news for many FIFA UT fans. And that will definitely make FIFA 17 more interesting.
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    FIFA 17 Cover Stars

    Now we are going to introduce four world-class cover stars of the FIFA 17.
    DOB: 01/07/1991
    Nationality: Belgian
    Position(s): Attacking midfielder/Winger
    Club: Chelsea FC (England)
    Club Appearances: 206
    Club Goals: 55
    DOB: 12/05/1995
    Nationality: French
    Position(s): Winger/Forward
    Club: Manchester United (England)
    Club Appearances: 49
    Club Goals: 17
    DOB: 05/31/1989
    Nationality: German
    Position(s): Attacking midfielder/Winger/Striker
    Club: Borussia Dortmund (Germany)
    Club Appearances: 165
    Club Goals: 76
    DOB: 07/12/1991
    Nationality: Colombian
    Position(s): Attacking midfielder/Winger
    Club: Real Madrid CF (Spain)
    Club Appearances: 78
    Club Goals: 25
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    FIFA 17 Release Date Details

    FIFA 17 Release Date Details

    FIFA 17 will be released in North America on September 27 and on September 29 worldwide for the Xbox 360, Xbox 1, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PC, per EA Sports. Check here when FIFA 17 will go out in your country.
    FIFA 17 Release Dates List as below:
    FIFA 17 Release Date: September 29, 2016 (Thursday)
    Date confirmed
    FIFA 17 Release Date: September 29, 2016 (Thursday)
    Date confirmed
    FIFA 17 Release Date: September 29, 2016 (Thursday)
    Date confirmed
    FIFA 17 Release Date: September 29, 2016 (Thursday)
    Date confirmed
    FIFA 17 Release Date: September 29, 2016 (Thursday)
    Date confirmed
    FIFA 17 Release Date: September 27, 2016 (Tuesday)
    Date confirmed
    FIFA 17 Release Date: September 29, 2016 (Thursday)
    Date confirmed
    FIFA 17 Release Date: September 29, 2016 (Thursday)
    Date confirmed
    FIFA 17 Release Date: September 29, 2016 (Thursday)
    Date confirmed
    FIFA 17 Release Date: September 29, 2016 (Thursday)
    Date confirmed
    FIFA 17 Release Date: September 29, 2016 (Thursday)
    Date confirmed
    FIFA 17 Release Date: September 29, 2016 (Thursday)
    Date confirmed
    FIFA 17 Release Date: September 29, 2016 (Thursday)
    Date confirmed
    FIFA 17 Release Date: September 29, 2016 (Thursday)
    Date confirmed
    FIFA 17 Release Date: September 27, 2016 (Tuesday)
    Date confirmed
    FIFA 17 Release Date: September 29, 2016 (Thursday)
    Date confirmed
    FIFA 17 Release Date: September 29, 2016 (Thursday)
    Date confirmed
    FIFA 17 Release Date: September 29, 2016 (Thursday)
    Date confirmed
    FIFA 17 Release Date: September 29, 2016 (Thursday)
    Date confirmed
    FIFA 17 Release Date: September 29, 2016 (Thursday)
    Date confirmed
    FIFA 17 Release Date: September 29, 2016 (Thursday)
    Date confirmed
    FIFA 17 Release Date: September 29, 2016 (Thursday)
    Date confirmed
    FIFA 17 Release Date: September 29, 2016 (Thursday)
    Date confirmed
    FIFA 17 Release Date: September 29, 2016 (Thursday)
    Date confirmed
    FIFA 17 Release Date: September 29, 2016 (Thursday)
    Date confirmed
    FIFA 17 Release Date: September 27, 2016 (Tuesday)
    Date confirmed
    FIFA 17 Release Date: September 19, 2016 (Monday)
    Date confirmed for all the countries where the service is available
    FIFA 17 Release Date: September 19, 2016 (Monday)
    Date confirmed for all the countries where the service is available
    These dates are only applicable to Playstation 4, Playstation 3, XBox One, XBox 360 and PC.
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    FIFA 17 New Change?

    FIFA 17 New Change?

    As reported, the courtesy of Gameinformer who've had "multiple sources" confirms that FIFA 17 will definitely become the first EA SPORTS franchise to utilise EA's flagship Frostbite engine which powers Battlefield among other titles.
    What does all that mean? Well it could mean a totally new visual style for FIFA 17 and perhaps a departure from the "plastic" look FIFA's player models have been criticised for in the past.
    I'm sure some of you guys will remember that along with the last wave of next-gen consoles FIFA 14 at that time, moved on to EA's newly dubbed Ignite Engine, which offered up a fairly welcome graphical boost. That was then followed by the PC version of FIFA 15 which also ran on Ignite. However, since then the strategy at EA has shifted and now their focus is to get all of their titles on to one ecosystem.
    We'll all be able to see exactly what EA's has planned for FIFA 17 at EA Play in just 11 days time.
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    FIFA 16  TOTS Portuguese Liga NOS

    FIFA 16 TOTS Portuguese Liga NOS

    If you want to know what TOTS is and how it works, read this amazing guide. Everything is explained there, including the market crash, the other TOTS, dates, tips and much more.
    The first Team of the Season to be released in FUT 16 was the Most Consistent But Never IF. Then it was time of the Barclays Premier League, Football League, Benelux and finally Bundesliga TOTS. And now it is time of the Saudi Professional League and the Liga NOS TOTS.
    We will show you one by one, all the players of the FIFA 16 Portuguese Liga NOS TOTS.
    Here it is the FIFA 16 Portuguese Liga NOS Team of the Season:
    Starting Eleven
    GK: Rui Patrício, Sporting CP – 81->88
    RB: Maximiliano Pereira, FC Porto – 80->85
    CB: Jardel, SL Benfica – 80->87
    CB: Paulo Vinicíus, Boavista – 77->83
    LB: Miguel Layún, FC Porto – 75(78)->87
    CDM: Danilo Pereira, FC Porto – 79->86
    LM: Rafa, Braga – 78->83
    CM: Adrien Silva, Sporting CP – 80->86
    LW: Diogo Jota, Paços de Ferreira – 70(73)->74
    ST: Jonas, SL Benfica – 82(83)->91
    ST: Islam Slimani, Sporting CP – 78(80)->90
    Substitutes and Reserves
    GK: Paweł Kieszeck, Estoril – 75->82
    GK: Igor Stefanovic, Moreirense – 68->74
    RB: Baiano, Braga – 77->83
    CB: Rúben Semedo, Sporting CP – 71->74
    LB: Lucas Lima, Arouca – 69->74
    CM: Héctor Herrera, FC Porto – 77->83
    RM: Pizzi, SL Benfica – 79->85
    RM: João Mário, Sporting CP – 78(79)->85
    RW: Salvador Agra, CD Nacional – 74(75)->82
    RW: Iuri Medeiros, Moreirense – 73(75)->82
    ST: Leo Bonatini, Estoril – 72(75)->85
    ST: Konstantinos Mitroglou, SL Benfica – 78->85
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    New teams we can expect to see in FIFA 17

    Currently EA Sports are finalizing the details of FIFA 17 as it is soon to be released. Do you know how many FUT team in FIFA 16? Well, you might not believe it! There are more than six hundred teams in FIFA 16. And now we predict that at least 20 more will be added in this year’s FIFA 17.
    Here below are the teams that we can expect to see in FIFA 17.
    Glasgow Rangers
    The Glasgow Rangers were dropped out of FIFA 16 due to problems with licensing. They are set to make a return to the Scottish League in FIFA 17 after the fresh promotion to the Championship.
    Jiangsu Suning
    Ex-Chelsea star Ramiers and Alex Tixeira joined this Chinese League club with huge money on their back. They were left out of the Ultimate Team which was criticized by a lot of FUT players thus it is very likely that Jiangsu will be in FIFA 17. It will also mean that other superstars playing in China including Gervinho and Demba Ba will be in the game.
    San Marino
    We have already covered this before but here we go again. The San Marino fans created an online campaign to force EA to add them into the game. More than 20 thousands participated in this movement. We believe that EA are aware of this which makes us think that there is a possibility that they are going to add San Marino in the game.
    Cheltenham Town
    Cheltenham were relegated beyond the English League Two which means that they were left out of FIFA 16. They are set to make a return to the game, after a stunning return to the League. No such luck for relegated Tranmere Rovers.
    Maccabi Tel Aviv
    The Israeli Champions could make it into FIFA 17 having already been placed in the Pro Evolution Soccer. As Israeli League is one of the most wanted league in FIFA 17 Polls, the whole league and of course the 21 times champions might get a place.
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    FIFA 16 LATAM(Latin America) Team of the Season

    FIFA 16 LATAM(Latin America) Team of the Season

    The FIFA 16 Latin America TOTS Players released.
    This TOTS is with the best players of the Colombian, Argentinian, Chilean and Mexican leagues. This pack is available in FIFA 16 Ultimate Team from Friday, May 23, 6pm UK Time.
    Starting Eleven:
    GK: Franco Armani – Atlético Nacional (Colombia)
    LB: Luis Fuentes – U.N.A.M. (Mexico)
    CB: Javier Pinola – Rosario Central (Argentina)
    CB: Oscar Murillo – Pachuca (Mexico)
    RB: Julio Buffarini – San Lorezneo de Almagro (Argentina)
    CM: Fernando Manríquez – Universidad de Concepción (Chile)
    CM: Jaime Valdés – Colo-Colo (Chile)
    CAM: Edwin Cardona – Monterrey (Mexico)
    CAM: Vladimir Hernández – Junior Barranquilla (Colombia)
    ST: Marco Ruben – Rosario Central (Argentina)
    ST: Andre-Pierre Gignac – Tigres U.A.N.L (Mexico)
    Substitutes & Reserves:
    GK: Jorge Carranza – CD O’Higgins (Chile)
    CB: Víctor Cuesta – Independiente (Argentina)
    CDM: Daniel Torres – Independiente Medellín (Colombia)
    RM: Carlos Sánchez – Monterrey (Mexico)
    CAM: Diego Valdés – Audax Italino (Chile)
    ST: Mauro Boselli – León (Mexico)
    ST: Carlos Tévez – Boca Juniors (Argentina)
    CB: William Tesillo – Independiente Santa Fe (Colombia)
    CDM: Guido Pizarro – Tigres U.A.N.L. (Mexico)
    CAM: Nicolás Lodeiro – Boca Juniors (Argentina)
    ST: Marcos Riquelme – CSD Palestino (Chile)
    ST: Roberto Ovelar – Junior Barranquilla (Colombia)
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    FIFA 17 Played Cross Platforms

    Latest news from EA’s recent Q4 earnings call was that FIFA 17 was set to make a "major leap forward in personalization, immersion and competition". What’s more, wccftech have posted some more details from the event, detailing some of EA’s plans for the "EA Player Network".
    According to the site's breakdown, the EA player network will allow players to connect to one another independantly of the platform they're on (something Sony and Microsoft have flirted with publicy earlier in the year) and also enable cross device saves. Based on the growth strategy graph below, it looks like the plan is to start slowly through FY 2017-18 before really ramping up from there, so it's possible we're a few years away from seeing a real impact from it, but it's good to know something like this is coming.
    Naturally it's hard to imagine a world where EA rolls out something like this without making it a big part of one of their flagship franchises, the question is, where does something like this fit within FIFA?
    Cross platform CM saves seem like a great idea, but beyond making them console to mobile enabled it's hard to see how that's massively useful. A wider matchmaking pool (as long as it's stable) would never be a bad thing, but it's likely that the biggest benefits would come to online play, or more specifically, FUT. A shared club across mobile and console allowing fans to make progress with their club on the move maybe, or just one great big transfer market (which would raise some Legends questions in itself)?
    It's all theoretical at the moment, "connecting players" might not even mean matchmaking at all and certainly when it comes to cross platform FUT there are some potential issues, but fingers crossed we'll hear more at EA play on the 12th of June.
    The details comes from the presentation given by EA CEO Andrew Wilson and if you want to read the whole thing to lend some authenticity too it, it's here. There's not too many FIFA specifics in there, beyond the fact that 1.5B FIFA 16 matches were played in FQ4.
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